America's leading gypsum investment


  • The proven standard for the Hygroscopic Technique
  • Can also be used for the High Heat Technique


The Hygroscopic Technique with Beauty-Cast is as simple and quick as the High Heat Technique, but the results are much more uniform. The use of a water bath at 37.8ºC (100ºF) automatically brings all patterns to uniform temperature, softening the wax enough for even expansion of the investment. Combined, the wax expansion and the high hygroscopic expansion compensate for mos of the gold shrinkage and thus the low temperature burnout at 480ºC (900ºF) provides the balance of the required mold expansion.


With the hygroscopic expansion of Beauty-Cast at 1.5% and thermal expansion at 0.55% at 480ºC, we unhesitatingly recommend the Hygroscopic Technique with Beauty-Cast as best suiting today's needs for a precise yet simple routine technique.


The inherent high thermal expansion of Beauty-Cast at 650ºC (1,200ºF) makes it possible to use the standard High Heat Technique. Setting expansion can be controlled by varying the number of ring liners in the Inlay Ring resulting in varying degrees of total expansion in Casting at 650ºC (1,200ºF) is necessary for the additional 1.2% for gold shrinkage. In the ADA Specification No. 2 for Investments, the term Type 1, Inlay Thermal reers to investments used by the High Heat Technique. With Beauty-Cast either technique will produce extremely smooth castings of a rich golden color that seldom require pickling.


Item No. Description  
00078 24 - 50 g Package
00108 144 - 50 g Package
00124 144 - 75 g Package
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