Diamond Quality. Gold Service. Silver Price.

As a company that began in a basement as a one-man operation, we at Meta Biomed fully understand the realities of business, and the perseverance for success.

Since our foundation in 1990, Meta Biomed has introduced some of the most technologically innovative dental and medical products and equipment to markets in over 80 countries around the world. With constant testing and experimentation, new methods and materials are conceived and perfected in our labs on a consistent basis, always with the hopes of creating a better, more efficient product.

In addition to quality, Meta Biomed is dedicated to research into bone restoration materials for orthopedics to strive towards better human life and health. It is a very heavy responsibility to manufacture medical materials that help restore stability and functionality to patients around the world, which is why we've set our own product development standards at the highest level.

So what exactly does “Diamond Quality. Gold Service. Silver Price.” mean?

This is our motto: To provide consistent, overall satisfaction to our customers while maintaining a long lasting, mutually respectful and beneficial business relationship.

We provide the best quality. 
That is our focus and what we pride ourselves on.

We provide outstanding service. 
We believe that the conversation isn’t over once payment has been rendered. Our service and obligation to make sure the customer is satisfied continues beyond the transaction.

We provide affordable pricing. 
A great product isn’t so great if you can’t take advantage of it, which is why we don't gouge our customers with exorbitant retail pricing.

Meta Biomed Co., Ltd.


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