Vacuum Power Mixer Plus & Combination Unit  

Vacuum Power Mixer Plus & Combination Unit

Combination Unit Dual Speed

The Combination Unit is equipped with two drive shafts which rotate at different speeds. The faster speed (1,725 RPM) reduces mixing time required for small quantities (90 gram or less) of investment. The slower speed (425 RPM) is for all mixing purposes, with or without vacuum.


Vacuum Power Mixer Plus Single Speed

The Vacuum Power Mixer Plus provides a single drive speed of 425 RPM. This slow speed is ideal for mixing quantities from 5 gram to 1,000 gram of plaster, stone, die material, investment and alginate.


Ortho Vacuum Power Mixer Plus

Includes the Handy-Holder Bowl Support, 875 mL Vac-U-Mixer (#6615), plastic tubing and connections.



  • Vacuum-invest inlays, crowns and bridges with the Vac-U-Spat. Your patterns are smooth and bubble-free
  • Convenient built-in Vibrator Arm enables user to vibrate mix with or without vacuum
  • Both units are easily installed on wall with the mounting board (included). A #6380 Bench Stand is also available for bench-top mounting
  • 3 Year Warranty (US & Canada only)


Item No. Description  
08265 115V/60Hz - Complete with 200 ml VAC-U-SPAT and Accessories and 500 ml VAC-U-MIXER
18082 230V/50Hz - Complete with 200 ml VAC-U-SPAT and Accessories and 500 ml VAC-U-MIXER
29181 115V/60Hz - Complete with 500 ml and 300 ml VAC-U-MIXERS and 2-1/4 ft. Plastic Tubing and Connections
29262 115V/60Hz - Complete with HANDY-HOLDER BOWL SUPPORT and 875 ml VAC-U-MIXER


Bench Stand Bench Stand
Bench Stand, White
Item No: 06149
Vac-U-Care Maintance Kit
Vac-U-Care Maintance Kit
Vac-U-Care Maintenance Kit
Item No: 28398
#6125 Vac-U-Timer
Item No: 25585


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